Thanks to the nudging of Joy Lierman at our Women’s Bible study, I recently downloaded the Bible App to my phone. Today this came up. “Circumstances in life change like the seasons. But no matter what, we can place our hope in what doesn’t change. Let’s draw near to God today.” This is based on 1 Peter 1:24 which says, “The grass withers and the flower fades but the word of the Lord remains forever.” 

Sunday School:  Our return to Sunday School has gone very smoothly as everyone is following the protocols. Thank you all for your patience through this.

   We have decided to provide either a small water bottle or juice box along with the prepackaged snack each week. We would much rather have our kids remember to bring their Bible than remembering also a water bottle. Some have asked if they can provide a prepackaged snack for their child’s class for birthdays or just because. ABSOLUTELY! and thank you!

Substitutes/Second Adults Needed: If you are willing to be a substitute when teachers need to be gone or if you are willing to be the second adult in the classrooms to comply with our Safe Sanctuary policy, please let Karen know.

Sunday School Offering:  For fall, the Preschool through 5th grade offering is going towards a local family to help at Christmas. This will be coordinated with SEIDA. The family this year is a single dad with two daughters ages 12 and 13. For spring, the offering will go towards New Hope School in Guatemala. The Middle School, Confirmation and High School offering will go towards the Holt International child that we sponsor. Her name is Cisy.

Children to ring in Church: The children will be ringing in church on November 29. They will be ringing after the children’s message. Please have your children meet at 9:15 a.m. in the chapel to practice. There are sit spots in the chapel and in the sanctuary to indicate where to be.

Advent Party: Due to COVID concerns the decision has been made to cancel the Advent Party on November 29.  All children preschool age through 5th grade will receive Advent materials so they may enjoy this season with their family.

E.P.I.C.  (Experiencing Possibilities In Christ) Youth Group for 6-12th graders

Our youth and friends enjoyed bowling! There were plenty of strikes and a few gutter balls too. Some played a game of “Wacky Bowling.” They walked like a chicken, turned around two times, bowled with their non-dominant hand, bowled with just their pinky and thumb, on their back and many other wacky ways!


Christmas ProgramWe began on November 15 extending the Sunday School hour by 15 minutes to give a little give a little more time to work on the Christmas program.  Sunday School will be dismissed at 11:45 a.m. The program is called “Around the World It’s Christmas.

Preschool can go straight to their room. K-5 will meet in Heritage Hall from 10:30-11:00. Middle School, Confirmation and High School students can meet right after worship up in the balcony to practice the bells song.

NO dress Rehearsal: It has been decided to not have a run through of the program to have as little contact as possible.

The program will be on December 13. Sunday School will be held following the program and back to the regular schedule, dismissing at 10:30. There will be Sunday School on December 20. There will not be Sunday School on December 27.

Epiphany Party is being planned for Sunday, January 3 (a few days before Epiphany) from 4-5pm by Charley and Drew Johnson, the big winners of the hidden piece in the cake last year.  All children and families are invited!

Cans for Camp!  We are sure hoping we can send a lot of our kids to camp next summer. Please continue to save your cans. We will announce the next date for a can drive soon!