Christian Education News from Karen Adams

Children and Youth Events!

   What a joy it was to take our children’s bells “on the road” as Bill Akason invited me to be the program for Kiwanis! Seeing grown adults with one and then two bells in their hands ringing with glee was a treat. As we sat during lunch, one of the ladies at our table told us about her favorite author who said to “WAIT”. Being during the Advent season, we are in our time of waiting and preparation for the birth of Jesus so I thought this was where the author was going. In fact, the meaning was actually “WHAT AM I THINKING” (to wait before speaking what you might be thinking). We all agreed at this wonderful, but stressful time of year, to WAIT is good for friends, spouses, co-workers, mother in law’s, etc. to keep in mind. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas season!

Sunday School: The children are enjoying the Opening time in the music room at 10:00am where they sing songs and watch the Bible story for the day. At 10:15am, they are dismissed to their classrooms. Please have your children to the music room promptly at 10:00am. All other classes, 6th through adults, begin at 10:10.
Participation in Sunday School, Outstanding Attendance and Perfect Attendance will be recognized at the end of the year. Those who have attended Sunday School 80% of the Sundays will be recognized for Outstanding Attendance. With 35 Sundays from September through May, attending 27 out of the 35 is 80%. If you are out of town and attend another church, bring back a bulletin, give to your Sunday School teacher and it will be marked as present. There will not be Sunday School on December 24 or December 31.
Just a friendly reminder to please turn in your Family/Student Information Form. Each child and youth who participates in activities with our church will be asked to have this form filled out. Each family will need to fill out only one form to make it simpler for families with multiple children.
Offering: The preschool through 5th graders offering for the fall was over $200! We became aware of a local family in need, so this offering will provide Christmas presents for them. For January through May, the offering will go to a school in Guatemala. The school name in Spanish is “Escuela La Nueva Ezperanza” it means New Hope School. It is located in Caserio la Esperanza (street address), Peñitas (town), Morales (city), Izabal, (this is like the department/state) Guatemala (country). The teachers name is Gilma Abzun and there are approximately 22 kids ages from 7 to 16 years old. In January, the children will be given a new zippered bag to use instead of the jars if they would like. Keep those pennies, nickels and dimes coming to send to this school in Guatemala! The Middle School offering will go towards their Holt International child and the High School offering is going towards World Vision.

Sunday School Teachers for the 4th-5th grade class
January: Jake and Lesley Lyman and Andy Holmberg
February: Aimee Wagner and Mary Hersom
Teachers are needed for March, April and May. Please let Karen know if you would be willing to take a month or two in 2018.

Childcare needed at meetings! We have several young families who are on committees so childcare is needed on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm. Let the office know if you can help.

Children’s Choir to Sing: The children will be singing on the morning of January 28 at both services. Please be in the chapel at 8:45am to practice for the 9am service. They will also sing at the beginning of the Open Door Service at 11:10. We encourage all children from preschool to fifth grade to make a joyful noise at one or both services.

E.P.I.C. (Experiencing Possibilities In Christ) Youth Group for 6th-12th graders
6:00-6:30 Supper, 6:30-7:30PM Activities
January 7: Supper provided by ??
January 14: Supper provided by Portia Figland and Elaine Gordy
January 21: Supper provided by ??
January 28: E.P.I.C. IS the Winter Carnival!
February 4: E.P.I.C. IS the “Souper Bowl!”
   Mark your calendars for Seven Oaks in Boone on Feb. 18 and SkyZone on April 22!
     The sign up to provide meals for E.P.I.C. is in the narthex. Please plan for 20-25 and something you can either stretch or that you like to eat for the next week. We do have two volunteers with food allergies (onion and gluten). They do not want you to change your menu just for them, but just to be aware that they may not eat the meal.

Epiphany Party: What did the camels think? Come explore this question with games, songs and crafts at the Epiphany Party on January 6 at 4:00pm. All children are encouraged to come and bring their families and friends! There will also be Kings Cupcakes!

Winter Jam! Friday, January 26 at Wells Fargo Arena. All youth are encouraged to attend this inspiring and amazing event! Youth will pay $22 as the youth funds will pay the other half. Please let the office know by January 5 is you plan to attend. Chaperones will be Kim Andeway, Jim Veldhuizen and Dan Adams. Let the office know if anyone else would like to chaperone.

Service Times:

Central United Methodist Church holds services Sundays at:

  • 9:00 AM Wesley Service
  • 10:10 AM Sunday School Hour
  • 11:10 AM Open Door Service