A Note from Pastor Bruce Wittern…

   Sue and I appreciated the opportunity to get away to northern Minnesota for a week. When her parents still lived there we drove up there at least once every year. But since they have been gone we don’t go that far north nearly as often. Our schedule was flexible and we took time to enjoy some of the great beauty of God’s creation and relax. We did a lot of hiking, perhaps a little more than Sue wanted, and saw many marvelous waterfalls and other sites, including a few sites we have never taken the time to see through all the years. I know that many of you have also been enjoying some travelling and entertaining family and friends at home, too. Are you taking “Flat Jesus” with you?
   The schedules of many of you have included some recreation as well as routine work. Sometimes it is challenging to find times to get groups together in the midst of so many summertime activities. It is good to see many faithfully coming to worship week after week. Gratefully several have diligently worked together in the heat to install the fence around the perimeter of our green space. Plans are also being worked out for the placement of our playground. That will be another great accomplishment. Thanks to our fantastic volunteers. Of course, Karen has been recruiting people to serve in our Sunday School and youth ministries that will resume in September.
   As I write these notes a number of you are involved in our county fair. Some are at Wesley Woods, some are vacationing, and others are going about their regular routines. Whether you are home or away I encourage you to make sure to include to healthy routine of weekly worship in your plans.

    -Pastor Bruce

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