Pastor’s Notes:
     I believe that not only is “Spring” on our calendars for this week, but it also appears that our actual warmer spring like weather is actually becoming a reality. Some of us have been looking forward to this for a long time and a few of our senior church members are pleased to have weather that allows them to safely come out to worship.
     During this Lenten season I have been focusing on the theme of sensing Jesus Christ with us in our worship and in our daily lives. Last week I spoke of rallying righteousness and renouncing evil. I assume most of us who have been walking with the Lord realize that unconfessed sin is an obstacle for experiencing close fellowship with God. I closed with a fishing story.
     He was 11 years old and fished every chance he got from the dock at his family’s cabin in New Hampshire. On the day before bass season, he and his father were fishing for sunfish and perch when his line doubled over. Something huge was on the other end. The boy skillfully drew the fish to the dock and lifted it out of the water. It was the largest fish he had ever seen! But, it was a bass, and bass season wouldn’t officially start for two more hours. As they admired the boy’s catch, his father said, “You’ll have to put it back, son.” Unhappily, the boy let the fish go.
     Thirty-four years later, the grown boy still fishes from the same dock where he brings his own children. Each time he faces an ethical decision he remembers the huge bass he let go. Even though no one would have known, the son was glad his father had made him put the bass back. It had been more than a lesson about a big fish, but the experience taught him to do what is right when faced with temptation. It’s a story he will proudly tell his children and grandchildren, not about how to beat the system, but about how he did the right thing and was forever strengthened.
     Do you have a story to share about how you are being victorious over sin and experiencing the presence of Christ?
                                                                                -Pastor Bruce