After a few hot weeks most of us are enjoying a little break with somewhat less hot weather following some welcome rain and not so welcome wind.

     We are grateful for the good response to the interest survey the Discipleship Pathway Team has put together.  However, we will be making it available for a couple more weeks to give more of our congregation the opportunity to participate.  Of course, we want to utilize the wonderful talent to continue meaningful ministries we already have and launch new ones in the months ahead.  As new people come into our church we will be asking them to fill out a survey, too.  Then we can continue to grow as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and make a difference in our communities and beyond.

     Our plan is to offer a few opportunities this fall and winter to respond to interest expressed and leadership offered.  We do already have a few possibilities that we will be sharing with you in the weeks ahead and hope for more to meet a variety of interests.  Included may be a faith basics and a membership class.  These can even be helpful to refresh our memories and grow deeper in our faith.

     Many of you have heard a little about our youth mission trip to Dubuque which will be completed by the time most of you read this note.  Thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and donations for this mission opportunity.  Thanks you too for supporting Team HOPE in their Last Sunday Lunch Fund raiser.  There may be opportunities for persons to assist in some flood relief efforts in Iowa this fall.

     Another summer is passing by with many students back in school in about a month, and some even sooner.  Pray for our children and youth heading back to class or perhaps beginning a new school.         Enjoy the remainder of your summer, but make an effort to worship God every week no matter where you may be.