A Note from Pastor Bruce Wittern…

   My general theme for messages during this season of Lent is “What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do.” As we launched into the season on Ash Wednesday we shared a drama, “The New Ump” reminding us in a somewhat humorous way that we need rules, guidelines, and beliefs to live by, certainly in our relationships, with God, and with one another.
   Last Sunday I talked about being “I Believe” persons and focusing on “I Believe” statements. This Sunday I will be speaking on God’s promises. Certainly the Scriptures are the foundation of our Christian beliefs and contain many wonderful promises of God.
   Have you noticed that much of the great music we use in worship expresses what we know and believe? This may be the case with old music and newer music. This is true of many hymns, more contemporary music, anthems, and responses. Take for example the music we are using today. In “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” tremendous expressions concerning the nature of God are mentioned. We can depend on our God because he does not change and we can depend on God’s compassion. God provides for all our needs, keeps the sun, moon, and stars in place. Our God pardons our sin and brings peace, guidance, strength from his mercy and love.
   Consider also the affirmation of our faith in “My Redeemer Lives” which is a major belief that we hold as followers of Christ. We sing “I know that he rescued my soul, His blood has covered my sin.” Of course these are more great truths of our faith that we believe. Our Lord has conquered the grave. Yes, we believe that Jesus did rise from the dead, and our redeemer lives. Because of this we can stand upon the promises of God and know that God keeps his promises.
   So the music with which we worship can certainly help us emphasize great truths about God and what God has done and continues to do for us. As children we may begin to learn more about God through our music, too. When our children play and sing, “This Little Light of Mine” they are learning about Jesus who came as light into the world and singing the song can be one way to spread God’s light.
   Words put to music are often easy ways to remember, no matter what age we may be. People in marketing professions certainly know that and try to capitalize on that. Even Scripture put to music is much easier for me to remember than just the words. Perhaps the same is true for you.
   What do you and I do when we don’t know what to do? Those times may be special reminders for us to continue to come close to God and meditate on the teaching of the Bible. We can encourage each other as people of faith as we worship, pray, study, and serve God together.   

    -Pastor Bruce

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