Since my last Chimes Article we have hosted our annual fishing derby at Edmundson Pond.  While we have had some good fishing derbies in the past, I think this one was our best yet.  God provided absolutely great weather, and we had a wonderful team of workers from our congregation.  Steve had stocked the pond so the fish were biting and I didn’t hear of anyone not catching a fish.  Many of those who came expressed appreciation for our hosting the event and bringing them cold water, juice, goldfish crackers and gummy worms.  We focused on bridge building and initiated some relationships with some expressing an interest in our church and Vacation Bible School.

     Karen Adams, Marilyn Porter and I attended Annual Conference in HyVee Hall.  Every four years Conference is scheduled to be a day longer to allow time for balloting to elect lay persons and clergy to serve as delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference.  This process usually takes many hours to have ten, twelve or more ballots to get our quota elected.  I have never seen anything like what happened this year.  Almost all the delegates were elected on the very first ballot.

     This is an exciting week with Vacation Bible School with the theme: “To Mars and Beyond.”  As usual, we have a fantastic team of volunteers and many enthusiastic children.  Thanks for your commitment to our children in many ways.  We are looking forward to a great celebration Sunday.    

     One of our next steps as we launch our Discipleship Pathway is asking our entire congregation to fill out an interest survey.  Then as new people come into our church we will be asking them to do so.  So I am encouraging you to put some thought into that in advance.  Many of you have indicated you interests by your current involvement.  This survey tool may list some areas in which you may be actively serving, so please do not be offended by our listing it.  Perhaps you wish to continue and maybe you could use some help or you may not always be available.  While most of the possible areas of interest involve ministries we now have, we have included some that we do not now have.  You may also add ideas that we have not listed.  Thanks in advance for your participation in this survey.                   

Please enjoy your summer, but don’t take a vacation from God and the church.  When you are unable to worship here this summer, I encourage you to worship in a church wherever you are.