Thank you for you for your faithfulness to God and to our church family. We are a blessed people in so many ways. How do we thank God and those around us for our many blessings?
   As we think about our blessings is a good time to prayerfully consider our giving to our local church. On Consecration Sunday I mentioned a “Hierarchy of Giving” suggested by Pastor Bill Hybels.
   “Love made me do it!” could have been the response of the sinful woman who entered a dinner party, poured an expensive bottle of perfume on the feet of Jesus, and wiped them with her hair.

   Where might you see yourself in this hierarchy of giving as you prayerfully consider your giving to our church this year and your commitment for next year?
                                                Spiritual gratitude?
                                               Spiritual obedience?
                                                   Spiritual vision?
                          Or all of these motivations, including love?
   Real love and devotion for Jesus is the top reason to give, to give to the one who gave His all for us.
   Share the “Good News” of Jesus, born to be our Savior as we journey through the coming Advent season. I will be focusing on Jesus, our amazing Emmanuel, our hero.
   Again this year we plan to have our Sunday School Christmas Program during our morning worship time. That will be Sunday morning, December 15 at 9:30. Christmas Eve Services are being scheduled for 4:30, 6:30, and 11:00. Our Annual Christmas dinner will be served on Christmas Day. These are great opportunities for you to invite family and friends.
   I am looking forward to sharing this wonderful season with you, celebrating the birth of Jesus.