Dear Beloved Congregation,

Fall has arrived, ushered in by the autumnal equinox on September 23, a Latin term signifying the equality of day and night. It’s a reminder that the seasons are shifting, and we’re entering a period when days grow shorter, nights lengthen, and nature adorns itself in vibrant hues.

As we approach October, the unmistakable signs of fall will envelop us. The changing temperatures, the gradual descent into crispness—all these are divine markers. They prompt us to reflect on the changes unfolding within our lives. This season brings to mind Ecclesiastes 3:1-15, which reminds us that everything has its time—a time to be born, to die, to plant, and to uproot.

Yet, in the rush of modern life, we often overlook the wonders of creation. The equinoxes and solstices pass unnoticed, and our increasing life expectancy makes us forgetful of time’s passage. The comforts of technology can desensitize us to the rhythm of the natural world, leading us to believe we control our destinies.

However, it’s essential to turn our hearts and minds to the wisdom of Ecclesiastes and other sacred texts. They teach us that we are not masters of the world; we are stewards of it. Nothing in this world is our creation; it all stems from the Creator. We cannot turn back or hasten time beyond the boundaries set by the world God fashioned.

So, as we prepare to shed our summer attire for long-sleeved shirts, let’s remember that we inhabit a world intricately designed by God—a world we comprehend only partially. Our faith calls us to focus on the One who orchestrates the seasons of our lives and the world itself.

This fall, let’s make a conscious effort to pay attention to the changes in our world, both in nature and within ourselves. Let’s find spiritual sustenance in God’s handiwork, for it is He who governs the ebb and flow of life. As the leaves change, may our hearts too undergo a transformation—a deepening of our connection with the Divine.

As we embrace this season of transition, may we be reminded that the God of world change is the same God who watches over us. Our Creator invites us to witness the beauty of His creation, to recognize our place within it, and to draw strength and inspiration from His eternal wisdom.

In this season of change, may our faith deepen, our hearts open, and our spirits be attuned to the ever-turning wheel of life, guided by the One who holds all seasons in His hands.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jihoon Lee